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Welcome to the special Winter Olympics 2010 section of this website.
This Olympic section will contain news, schedules and results of the speedskating events.

All Olympic speedskating events will take place in the Richmond Oval, just outside Vancouver.
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Medail Overview

Gold Sven KRAMER (5000)
Tae-Bum MO (500)
Shani DAVIS (1000)
Mark TUITERT (1500)
Seung-Hoon LEE (10000)
Canada (team persuit)
Martina SÁBLIKOVÁ (3000)
Sang-Hwa LEE (500)
Christine NESBITT (1000)
Ireen WUST (1500)
Martina SÁBLIKOVÁ (5000)
Germany (team persuit)
Silver Seung-Hoon LEE (5000)
Keiichiro NAGASHIMA (500)
Tae-Bum MO (1000)
Shani DAVIS (1500)
Ivan SKOBREV (10000)
USA (team persuit)
Stephanie BECKERT (3000)
Jenny WOLF (500)
Annette GERRITSEN (1000)
Kristina GROVES (1500)
Stephanie BECKERT (5000)
Japan (team persuit)
Bronze Ivan SKOBREV (5000)
Joji KATO (500)
Chad HEDRICK (1000)
Havard BOKKO (1500)
Bob de JONG (10000)
Netherlands (team persuit)
Kristina GROVES (500)
Beixing WANG (500)
Laurine van RIESSEN (1000)
Martina SÁBLIKOVÁ (1500)
Clara HUGHES (5000)
Poland (team persuit)

Olympic section

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